I opened my eyes. There was a lot of sun inside. A wooden floor reflected the sun beams.  Perfect, I thought. „It is going to be a wonderful day”.

 Something however didn’t let me feel the pure happiness.  I realized the bed was on the wrong side of the room.  The picture on the wall expressed a landscape I’ve never  seen. The face from the photo seemed familiar but all the same I couldn’t recognize it . How is it possible that I am not in my bedroom? It is going to be okay, I thought.  I was aware that previous night was hard but I didn’t expect it to have such a powerful impact on my memories. Bah. I got up, streched the backbone and followed with morning rituals. I entered the bathroom without thinking much. Wait a minute. The lack of mirror. The towel on the opposite site of the room. The toobrush hidden in the cupboard. The  hot water in the left tap of shower.  I still didn’t get anxious. Probably because of the sun. Or lack of coffee.  Who cares. I never dared to take myself serious until first cup. It became annoying while enetering kitchen. Salt in the sugar’s bowl. Kettle that boild freshly prepared coffee. Milk in the oven. Who, on earth, entered my house during the night?! It started to be funny. I didn’t want to wake up. Oops, I was mistaken. It was not a dream. In the dreams your mum never calls you at 7.30 in morning. She called. I got irritated. However, couldn’t get the point of the situation I found myself, I decided to continue that strange game. The hat in the umbrella’s place. The neighbour’s dog that meowed. The radio in the balcony. The wardrobe full of pink clothes. The flatmate in the swimming suit. It was enough. I decided to go out to ask for help. I couldn’t stand more.

I escaped to the main street and then, after passing few meters, I saw it. The answer.


It was not the world that changed. It was me who became an adult.