I still make a lot of mistakes, but let me give you some useful tips, which  help you survive some foodie’s faux pas in Italy.

If you decide to stay longer in the country where an average person will mention at least 4times a day what he / she has just had for lunch,  you are not surprised anymore why at Italian language course the second thing they teach you,  just after “I come from Poland” , is how to say “a one portion of ice cream, please”.  I will be honest with you, it took me a while to understand that food in Italy plays such a role in their culture that influences other parts of their daily life: in the morning cafeterias full of Italians having their café con cornetto, shops closed after 1pm because of pausa pranzo, having dinner before 9 pm.

  1. Italians have lunch (pranzo) in steps. Traditionally they start with pasta or rice (primo piatto), then meat or fish (secondo) with salad or vegetables (contorno). Eating everything at once ? Forget.
  2. Never order cappuccino after 12. Or after lunch. Best solution: never do both.
  3. If it ever comes to your mind to mix pasta with chicken in the plate, I will be clear: forget or you will be socially dead

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  1. To cook pasta, it is highly recommendable to use pot, boiling water and a pinch of salt. Any apostasy is not well seen.
  2. The more ingredients you add to prepare the dish, the less probability Italian will eat it
  3. How to commit faux pas in the company of Italians? Highlight you enjoyed the meal although in opinion of Italians it was just “okey”
  4. To make Italian try your dish it must fulfill two ingredients: smelling good + looking good. Imagine what happens when you experiment with food’s outlook as with your last haircut and afterwards Italians come to dinner . . .
  5. Don’t be surprised if a freshly prepared plate of risotto will end up in rubbish, if Italian discovers that rice was one week expired
  6. You can risk a one week of no contact with your Italian friend if you are not able to finish the plate of pasta prepared by them. **
  7. If you think, that Italians meet in the airport two hours before departure to be sure about check –in, you are wrong. It was 8pm and they just wanted to had a dinner in peace** those who have Polish grandmothers know the story