Will it sound surprising if I say that here, “under the sun of Toscany”, time passes by in different manner? Slowly, gently, happily.  Knowning that, be ready for a change. Arriving in  Italy  means changing  settings  of your Iphone for Italiano Mode ones.
The sense of time here will work, mostly probable, in opposite way than  you could have expected.  Don’t frown, don’t complain, don’t argue. Bear in mind  that  it was on the land of today’s Italy where Michelangelo and Fellini were born, the Collosseo constructed and pizza invented.  The Italian people just take their time to spend it on what they consider valuable.


You will probably wait….

15 to 25 seconds for a cappuccino in the caffeteria

5 minutes for receiving  a freshly prepared pizza, on Friday evening in the restaurant with booking in advance

2 minutes for a Spritz Aperol drink in the crowdy bar on Wednesday evening*

1,5 hours for the bus of public transport in the centre of Rome

2,5 hours for being served in  the city council.  You have just waited for 1,5 hour but nobody told you that you had to take  a  “queue” ticket to be served, so  then you wait  hope for another hour, after that you just escape

2,5  hours for having a finger fixed in admission room

3 hours for having electricity bill paid as not every bank accepts cash

8 days to be able to cook and have shower with hot water  after you discovered  a  gas leak in the kitchen

2 weeks after the beginning of university year to be registered officially

*Among students  Wednesday  is a popular day to go out


All examples  are based on true stories