I woke up early. It was pitch black and freezing outside.
I thought about him.

Morning passed quickly. I dropped into my favourite caffeteria for a macchiato. To my suprise, nearby I caught the  glance of him.I escaped to the classroom. And I thought about him.

The lecture was in English. I was able to understand the teacher speaking about structure of Italian Civil Code. And then I thought about him again.

Friends asked me to  have lunch with them in the university canteen. Somebody mentioned a gossip about that Italian girl,  going out  with him. I didn`t want to believe.I thought about him again.

Afternoon coffee at home. My flatmate tried to make me laugh. The joke was good.
and then I thought about him.

It was almost 8pm. I was tired. I decided to fight for a peace of mind. Runnung is a always a good idea. It helped significantly. Nevertheless I thought about him.

Finally in the bed. Evening rituals: a new episode of favourite  tv series, a piece of chocolate, last scrolling of Instagram.

And then my world just fell apart.

In the sunny photo I saw her, that Italian girl. His arms around her waist.

Morning coffee after sleepless night. I was thinking about him, of course.

In one hour I was done.

I saw him waiting there, next to caffeteria.

The green coat was finally mine.

*personification: the attribution of human nature to inanimate objects, espcially as rhetorical figure


PS: the story is fictional and not based on personal experience.