Sunday. Domenica. Sabato. Niedziela. The word pronunced in any language brings smile on the face. Imagine what happens when you reluctantly decide to set alarm clock on 7.30 to do something more ambitious then putting your best pair of jeans to have a lazy coffee in the cafeteria round the corner.

I am grateful for having friends like Weronika who just called me the day before saying “Tomorrow, 7/30, bus stop piazza Mazzini”.

WARNING: this post contains unacceptable amount of photos


I tried to capture a spider’s web. Weronika looked at me a bit suspiciously while I was kneeing under the olive tree


 Middle of October. My private heaven


 It was not only us who decided to sunbathe


It is a lake but you may get the impression of seaside

 We were witnesses of some photo shooting

I was impressed by the wide range of  of blue colors


Posing is not my cup of tea …

                                                  … neither selfie but we did our best


The other side of objective is definitely more interesting

Photo credit to Zuzia