This blog would not exist if not Italy.  This country definitely brings out variety of  emotions. Effect? Feel invited to discover more than 10 reasons to love Italians.

  1.  You will never find them with unironed shirt. 
     If so, they are not Italians

    photo credit to Ines
  2. They prefer smiling to complaining
    Once near the university campus I came across a friend who seemed to be going to celebrate something. I asked him about the result of exam he was supposed to take that day. He failed.
  3. They are wonderfully kind.
    Giving up on afternoon Spritz to help you with another bank problem? Of course!
  4. They are extremely focused on positive sight of life.
    If you consider world in half-empty glasses,  just for your information: Italians do not know what “empty” is

    photo credit to Ines
  5. They love talking about food.
    Situation: morning, two men having an espresso just next to you in the caffetteria. You catch glance of them, suits, DW watches, Prada glasses. Then by accident you hear “How was your weekend?” “Perfect. We went to my mum. She prepared tagliatelle with funghi (=mushrooms), a piece of cotoletta (=breaded cutlet) and for dessert…” “What?” Then you notice that wide smile on the face of one of them.  Apparently answer was pretty obvious. “…..Tarta di limone”. Well, serious man, serious topics

  6. Italians don`t just talk, they act as if it was a  Hamlet part
    When they have conversation, they speak both with language and gestures. Using words as unique  modus operandi? Boring

    photo credit to Ines
  7. Social life is definitely their cup of tea.
    If you go out with Italians and you hear somebody mentioning that is about to go home, you can freely go and have another glass of wine. It will take another hour 
  8. They will not understand if you say you are busy.
    They simply don`t have that word in dictionary.
  9. They love paying compliments

    Italians will admire your level of Italian even if the only expression you know is “Non parlo italiano”

  10. They have tendency to share with you their instant happiness by spontenous hugs and kisses. Well, it could be a disadvantage if somebody doesn`t like hugs and kisses

    photo credit to Ines
  11. Barista saying to you every day “Ciao bella” because you are young and beuatiful
    * just take into account that 5 minutes ago he already said it to 75-year old Italian lady.

  12. They are masters in cooking.
    Italian friend suggessting that can cook something “quick”?

    Buy best high heels and book a hairdresser, such a dinner may never happen again