Post dedicated to those of you who know how much effort is required to  get started.


How not to write a blog post…

  • scroll Facebook wall and discover your friends had an enetertaining evening while you stayed at home using as an excuse ” I need more time to write”
  •  have a cup of coffee, write down the ideas of new post on the napkin  and afterwards leave it on café’s table
  • start to learn French following the suggestion of latest American research showing that it is a language with the highest number of love adjectives
  • have a conversation with a friend living in Berlin and get inspired by their weather conditions
  • decide to go on a No Coffee Week, consequently suffer constant tiredness and sleep all the days long
  • start to improve cooking pasta, burn two frying pans and risk a civil war with your flatmates
  •  set an alarm clock at 7 am , but then fall asleep and  be late for classes
  • clean all the house even though it is Saturday evening; then finally sit, open a laptop with the head full of ideas and feel strange smell coming out of your computer. 2 minutes later become a Happy No More Computer human being
  • invite Italian friends for dinner to get material for another post (sic!), then eat too much  and have to go running for another week


End up frustrated that there is nothing interesting to write about

PS. text is a fiction, read carefully