Paris, the city of love. But with empty pockets the only thing you will afford is a Google Maps photo of Eiffel Tower. So… do not panic! We prepared for you a short price list.

  • Flight go and return: 15 euro
  • Bus from the airport to the city: 17 euro one way.
  • Be inteligent enough to book blabla car back to the airport: 7euro.
  • The metro tickets for 4 days: 16.5 euro.
  • Staying at your French friend`s place that cooks a cake for your arrival, that wakes up earlier to bring you fresh crossisants for breakfast and that takes you to cool restaurant for dinner: an invitation back in Padova.
  • Amazing panoramic views of Paris from Galleria Lafayette: 0 euro.
  • Seeing a Van Gogh at Montmartre: 0 euro.
  • Visiting Notre Dame without waiting the queue: 1 Sunday mass.
  • Kebab in Latin quartier: 5.5euro.
  • Having home-made lunch for two days: 4 euro.
  • Dinner with traditional French crepes and cidre: 16 euro.
  • A coffee in Montmartre: 1 kidney .
  • A retro-hipster-hipercool-postcard: 1.20 euro.
  • A stamp to send the postcards: 1 euro.
  • Coming across with Brad Pitt* while walking in Champs Élysées: PRICELESS.

* Also known as Inés’ future husband**


Zuzia & Inés