*all photos taken by me
Today’s post I have written already on the way back from Paris as I was afraid that my thoughts would be lost as fast as scarfs and gloves. I will just add that it is not true (mum, you were not right) that writing on the knee is not productive.
Enjoy the reading!

Except from the situation in which Mrs Waitress and Mrs Shop Assistant were a bit unkind that made me feel glad not to speak that beautiful language of love yet, I need to admit that Paris deserves a Nice People Label. Our French host welcomed us with a fresh cake, a Parisian guy from post office helped us to buy stamps or extremely kind woman im metro that let us pass the gates when it turned out we were out of ticket zone
As Europe long and wide, Parisian cafés are famous for their style, characteristic design and a venue for love declarations. In my view, they were cosy, eye-catching, however they did not cause any faster heart-beat. Wait a second… An exception was a  cup of 200 miligrams of liquid pretending to be coffee with milk (not reccomended at all)

famous cafe from “Amelie” film
Flying to the capital of fashion (described so in last century) I could not help catching the glance of passing Parisians.  Short skirts, bare legs, balerinas (despite November`s chilly temperature); men wearing classical coats with scarfs and elegant shoes. Although I didn’t notice any out of vogue motives, honestly talking it took me a while to find a person that would match to the description of “typical Parisian”

Eiffel Tower
For some of you it is a symbol of Paris, the first bought souvenir and a possible dream of 100 likes on Facebook, while for others it is only an idustrial construction worthy buying a postcard. The thing I have not expected it’s a shape of the tower visible on the horizon. I must admit that our guilty pleasure of the trip was taking photos of the Tower from each angle of Paris we visited

A habitant of Polish reality (ethnically monocromatic) could get panic easily while encountering such a high percentage of various nationalities. In cafe we had a small talk with an Argentinian couple and Mexican family, in a crowd a Spanish girl shared with us some useful tips, a group of Asians taking photos of Louvre and a Colombian girl met in Blabla car. Thinking about that experience, a French film “Qu’est-ce qu’on a fait au Bon Dieu? ” (eng. World wideoccurred to my mind. The protagonists are four sisters; the plot talks about them being in the relationships with men of different nationalities what almost brings out a heart attack to their conservative parents. The film seems to be not only a Friday evening enterntainment but also a vivid image of French society.

the shooting of romantic scenes at the backgrounds of Notre Dame
Parisian “Metropolitana” suprised me more than once. The most common public transport in the French capital city owns a name which is quite close to my heart: its pronunciation does not take away all your motivation to learn this language of love. Besides that, it is pronunced in a similar way to Polish reppresentation: “metro”. What’s more, you can find there glass walls placed all along the platforms. They automatically open with the door of  carriage, at the moment of its stop. Well, I was a bit sorry for French people as apparently they have been disposed of the excitement that it’s experienced while crossing the train tracks just at the moment of train’s arrival.


Suprisingly cheap flight
If  believing in what the world of advertisements offer, I could fly  to Norway for 5 euro, look like Charlize Theron for 30euro ,be fluent in Spanish  for 100euro , make a fortune for 300euro. The truth is that I have not been to Norway yet, I already look like Keira Knightly so it doesn’t consider me (jokes apart!), Spanish I improved by babysitting three Spanish children and a fortune… well, a fortune I spend instead of earning. So please, don’t believe if a yellow-and-blue flight company offers you a flight for nothing. It will be much smarter to  check first if the airport is not located 100 km from center or the price of the cheapest bus to get there costs more than the flight ticket.