I have always felt that the main problem in the World is that good makes no noise. That the cruelty and the evil are always on news while the good, that is actually more common, exists in silence. Invisible. Shy.  Unnoticed. Imperceptible between shouts and threats. Buried by thunders and wars. – Benvenuti al concerto di Natale del coro Erasmus.

We sit down in the sixth line. I check that my phone is on mute. I look on my left and on my right. The Dutch guy and his clear eyes. The Polish girl, that winks every time she is happy. The Catalan that laughs at loud. The Russian girl, that murmurs in Italian. The Armenian girl, that smiles to me with her plaid scarf.

– The concert is taking place in this room, known as the “Sala dei Giganti”, at the Palazzo Liviano, in Padova. Have you guys seen the door, before entering? It has a message written on it, with big letters. Have you noticed it?

Around twenty students dressed up on white and black. They say hi. They introduce themselves. They take a long breath. They start singing. Holy night is performed in eighteen different languages. The Spanish girl, that sings with her sister. The Czech and tall girl, that smiles and makes you feel when she plays the piano. The Persian guy, that makes a special tribute to Eric Clapton. The Iranian, that reaches every soul and makes time to stop. The Moroccan girl, that expresses herself in French but sings in Arabian. And the Russian, and the Argentinean, and the Brazilian, that include in their song some Neruda’s verses.

– EU should continue existing even if it is only to keep the Erasmus project.

Some poems are recited. The Russian girl that reads in Italian. The Italian girl that reads in English. The Vietnamese girl that reads in her mother tongue. Finding the beauty in some noises that don’t create words for your mind. And another poem. And another more. And a girl that, before starting talking, decides to dedicate her words to Syria and their conflicts.

The public, that applauds in silence.

– Have you guys noticed it, then? The message on the door, with big letters? It says “Pace”. “Peace”, in Italian. I wanted to point it out. In this times, full of wars and fights, it is important to keep this in mind. Specially for you guys, because you represent the future. You guys represent what Europe will become in some years. It is important to keep this in mind.

Four guys performed Hallelujah. The Russian girl, sat on my left, starts murmuring the lyrics. The Polish girl, sat on my right, does the same. A shared whisper in the public, barely noticeable. Goosebumps. The time stops and starts observing the scene. The music conquers everything. The present moment in a superlative version. Everything is connected. Red over gray, love*

– If future sounds that well – says the director, referring to the girl that just finished singing-, a really nice one is then coming.

At that moment I understand everything.

Something explodes inside me.

I start looking at the reality in a different way.

I smile.

– Good makes no noise – I say to myself.

                                                                                              It makes music.


 – Inés –

 *This is the line of a Spanish poem.