Crazy, it is crazy, I thought. It was already late evening and we were still about to have a dinner I got tired with the simple idea of him explaining to me why should we move out. There is no such a need, darling. I answered with a voice a bit more harsh than I wanted. Breathe, I thought. I didn`t know how to convince him that pure nonsense of moving to the place where temperature is significantly higher, where people eat oranges for breakfest and where the simple “yes” requires special tongue exercise. Imagine how beautiful it will be, honey….

“Honey” was the dealbreaker. I stopped listening to him, aware of what the word meant: my loved one would use one only on special occassions, for the reason of special affection and in the end to win a case. I couldn`t remain neutral, I got angry. I don`t even like oranges, I murmured to myself.

When the sun started to rise, I knew it was gone,that all my stubborness. He didn`t. I made him believe that he had to try to convince me. I was fighting, but it was the imitation of the fight.
There was my instinct that told me already I would go. Although I really didnt`t like oranges.