“Un uomo entra in un caffè e… splash!”

Coffee and Italy are meant to be together. Even if when you first stepped into the country you were not used to drink it, we can assure you that it is just a matter of time: before you realized it, you will have a coffee-addiction.

So, given there is nothing we can advice you guys to avoid it, we decided to write instead a post recommending our favorite cafeterias here in Padova. This is, of course, our subjective opinion and we are not getting any benefit from any of the places, we swear [ThisPostIsSponsoredByCocaCola].

Feel free to add your own recommendations! #ThereIsLifeFurtherTheCafePedrocchi.

#5 Coffe Box

Do you fancy a coffee? Would you like to choose the cup where to have it? Then Coffee Box is your place! Located in Via Altinate, this caffè is equipped with books that you can read while feeding your addiction. Wall full of pictures of Harry Potter included!


#4 Caffé Diemme

What is it better than a caffè decorated with quotes of famous writers on the walls? Caffé Diemme is the spacious caffeteria from where I’m actually writing this lines. The waitress? Nice and friendly and with catalan accent when speaking Spanish. It is pretty centric, in Pratto la Valle, so there is absolutely no excuse to grab a coffee in it!


#3 Hendrix Bar

In the same Piazza dei Signori, this cafè would make you feel as if you were inside of any of the hipsters caffeterias located in Malasaña neighborhood, Madrid. Sitting in one of their sofas while the time flies next to you is a must-have experience. Apart from the coffee, their hot chocolate is totally recommended!

#2 Caffeine

Located in Via Roma, Caffeine stands as one our favorite. The reasons? Its space, its classy style and that it was the place where Zuza and I first met. Its icone: the molecule of the caffeina. What could be better?

#1 Balentes

Just one minute away from Palazzo Bo, Balentes is without any doubt our favourite caffè in Padova. You will only need a couple of visits to start experiencing this caffè as your second home, specially due to the closeness of their staff. Maurizio, its sardinian owner, organizes Languages Exchange Evenings every Thursday. First visit is mandatory, the second one will be your choice.



– Inés –