Dear All, this post is written directly from bed and dedicated to all who know how  …. it is to be ill.


  •  days can be subsituted with moments – it really does not matter
  • take it with patience and distance
  • drinking while reading is not adviced
  • no animals were harm during the work on this post

A pessimist is a person who has had to listen to too many optimists.
Don Marquis

Have you ever had the  moment of sheer hapiness when you realized that chances are you are ill? ***Music of Paradise by Coldplay *** Suddenly, it means entering the brighter side of the life: staying in extremely comfortable bed or sofa, Doing Nothing all the day long, watching your favourite movie series, hot chocolate / coffee / tea (*unnecessary cross out) & All You Can Imagine when Parents Don’t Look. The stages can be simply described as followed:

Day 1. Happiness

Day 2. Excitement

Day 3. Ecstasy

Day 4. & company

Day 5.  First moment of missing fresh air

Day 6. Realizing that eating chocolate and not going out can actually lead to small obesity (but continuation of happiness)

Day 7. Slightly worried as fridge got empty

Well… After Day. 7 you start to think the fuss about being sick is fun but , as everything,  only in small amounts. Day 8. you welcome with a smile on your face as you believe In Power of Positive Approach. Day 9. turns out to be quite hard to deal with as your friends invited you to go out and you simply have to say “No”. Even if staying at home means studying in bed (at least something to do), with uncontrolable amount of coffee and tea (#LoveIsWhatMatters), it still means No Social Life for a while. On day 10. you simply decide to become offended and to sabotage Facebook. You dream of friends writing you because they would probably notice your 16-hour absence in social media, however when you decide to check Messenger in the end of the day,  there is only one message from your classmate. On Day 11. you decide to prove yourself you can everything, so simply after getting up, you go on with  your daily schedule as usually you do. After 10.30 am you need to go to bed again as your body has just informed you gently that this is not the way.  The rest of your day you remain pissed off with the facial expression discouraging even spiders to get closer to your bed. On Day 12. you wake up ready to spend all your savings on some ebooks as it seems absolutely obvious that since you are sick, you are going to be sick forever, so it is High Time For Life Strategy (#strategies work for everything, guys). With an unbelief you discover on Day 13. that you feel perfectly fine but as your brand-new novel is unfinished, you decide to stay one day longer in bed. On Day 14. you know you can’t pretend anymore you are sick ( the previous night you stayed up to 4am reading)

Day 15. Quite disappointed you get back to work, thinking about next Sick Leave.

*cover photo: Z., Paris,2016