We all know the story: her wearing  the red dress, him wearing the light blue shirt. Her with brand new make up, him confidently adjusting a tie. Two hours before the appointment: her not being in mood of going out “because I would love to stay in my bed and watch new episode of How I met your mother“; him still thinking about the last week tennis match.  Saturday evening, 7 pm. One of the main piazza in the old centre of Padua. Blood circulating in vains, hearts beating a bit faster. The success of the date is at stake. There is no room for elements that could ruin it: loud music in background, not enough space to seat or 15-minute queue to the toilet.

Ladies and gentleman we invite you to check #5 top date places in Padova.

. . . . . .


5. VegetariAmoci
You were not lucky enough with Hamburgeria choice?  Your partner has just finished 10 minute #Ted Talk about “Why we should not support the meat production?“. You / your partner is about to say #IamsorryMyFlatmateisInHospital excuse to escape? Don’t panic! There is still a solution although time is flying.  VegetariAmoci is your safety kit. It offers a cuisine based only on vegan and vegetarian dishes accompanied by music live and colorful decorations.

Advantage: vegan & vegetarian food; spacious place

Disadvantage: not reccomended to carnivores

photo: Facebook

4. Ai do Archi
There are  places that no matter if it is a Saturday evening or Wednesday afternoon will always make you feel absolutely content with the choice, especially if you are a man dating that Lovely Hazel-Eyed Girl. Ai do Archi, known by all members of Padua’s society, is such a choice. It is definitely  cosy enough to seat closer (#JustByAccident), furnitured with candles (#BecauseYouDidn’tHaveThemAtHome), run by an Italian who puts his soul into drinks (#GirlsLovesuchStories).

Advantage: one minute from Piazza dei Signori; unique atmoshpere

Disadvantage: Saturday evening can be actually crowdy

3. Les Tulipes café
If neither vegan restaurant nor cosy bar fulfil your expectations because the partner eats meat / does not like candles / let’s be honest, you really want to impress her (*unnecessary cross out), we have another idea: Les Tulipes café. Your beloved (or at least To-Be-Dated ) will love it for dimly lit interior, for high tables that by accident put your legs on view and for the original lamps that can be a useful tool for a conversation topic in case you have nothing interesting to talk about.

Advantage: good location (ghetto zone); one-to-one atmosphere

Disadvantage: high tables no reccomedable while wearing tight skirt



2. Caffe della Piazzetta
Lovely caffé in one of the most wonderful corners of Padua’s ghetto zone, a Wonderland where Alice stopped for a second to have a cup of tea with the White Rabbit. You should not go there if it is first date however : instead of staring into each other eyes’, you will be looking around with mouth open with amazement (#HighlyNotReccomended). If you add tasty coffee, marvellous tiramisu (#GirlsDontBeAfraid,ItDoesntMakeYouFat), very kind waiters, you will receive a unique place where  she will say any “Yes”.

Advantage: picturesque location; sun can be helpful

Disadvantage: during winter it may be a challange to stay outside (inside definitely is not the same)

ph. Zuzia

1. Enoteca Enatavola
Does perfection need a description? No. So let me be short. Enoteca Enatavola  is our personal #Top. Are they crowdy? Yes. Yes. Do you need to wait for table more than you were planning? Yes. Is it hard to talk when it’s full? Yes.

And however….
They are the best. Because of the wine. Because of red walls. And because that funny barrel chairs that may shorten the distance (#DontPretendYouDontKnowWhatIMean).

Advantage: just go there, guys

Disadvantage: and book a table in advance

*cover photo taken there

ph. credit to Fede