Hello guys, directly from Padova, the city being currently our headquarters and, as it also happens, our secret love.  We, In bocca al lupo team, have decided to give you some tips on  #mustsee or #musttry Padova’s world.  So, here we go!

Imagine, Friday afternoon and you just finished last lecture.  There is still a revision to be done, books to be taken to library, shopping,  cleaning, laundry, conversation with your mum. You feel overwhelmed with the adults’ duties, you feel life sucks, you don’t like to go back home… But, wait a second!  Life brings an answer:  your best Italian friend just texts you to go out. That is how adventure begins….

1. Spritz Aperol
This is a solution for any weather, any mood, can be ordered in any company. If you simply don’t have an excuse to have a drink  (what technically means that nobody: had birthday/ was just married/ broke up with girlfriend / boyfriend, passed exam / has hangover*), go for Spritz Aperol.  It is a traditional aperitif Italian cocktail, prepared on the basis of Prosecco wine, Aperol aperitif, served with cubs of ice and a slice of orange. It could also be described as “Padua Students’ Best Choice” (I say “could” because the opionions are divided…).
Undeniably Spritz Aperol wins The Cheapest and Lowest Alcohol drink Contest.
*unnecesary cross out

Spritz Aperol on the left

2. Spritz Campari

Dear all, if you think that Spritz Aperol and Spritz Campari are similar, let me open your eyes: they are not. Actually, it is the other way around.  They are like two brothers, the Good and the Bad One. As mentioned before, there is always a good moment to have Spritz Aperol. On contrary,  Spritz Campari’s company you appreciate while being in special mood: ready for bitterness dressed up in red (Aperol is orange, Camapari is red). *

*Forgive me for not trying to convice you more on that drink, but honestly talking I had it only twice in my life. You -Know – Why.

3. Prosecco

Has it ever come to your mind that there is a beverage that gently touches your gum with its delicate bubbles, that has the taste like a smooth kiss and causes the charactersitic dizziness of the head? Yes. It exists. It’s name is Prosecco.
Prosecco is a type of white wine, produced only in Italy. From my personal observation, it is a bit sparkling, however, after giving a look into Wikipedia, it turns out that there are different types: can be spumante (“sparkling wine”), frizzante (“semi-sparkling wine”), or tranquillo (“still wine”), depending on the perlage“**. It is a #musttry while being in Padova, as one of the best types of prosecco comes from nearby Treviso. Be careful! It looks really inconspicuous, however you dont realize its power until it’s too late (and it is too hard to drive your bike).

ph. Fede

4. Spritz Bianco

Another drink from Spritz Family. You may be curious what actually “Spritz” is, as it occupies 3 out of 5 positions in our Drinks Ranking. I asked Wikipedia for an advice: “it is a wine-based cocktail served as an aperitif in Northeast Italy. The drink is prepared with prosecco wine, (…) some  bitter liqueuer such as Camapari, Aperol… (…) and sparkling mineral water. It is usually served over ice in a lowball glass (or sometimes a martini glass or wine glass) and garnished a slice of orange“. Yes, you never discuss with Wikipedia, it is Wikipedia that can discuss with you. But, back to the topic: Spritz Bianco is an extremely simple beverage, based on good prosecco, mixed with soda water, in similar proportions. This time they are like a good couple: wine&water. My Personal Unrivalled Choice.

5. Hugo

Last but not least: Hugo drink. It is light, it is tasty, it is sweet. It is for fun as wearing sunglasses on cloudy day.  (Have you ever thought it is stupid to do so? Well, but did you look at that person more than 3 sec? You see, that’s the answer! ). Consisting in Veneto’s region speciality prosecco wine, fresh menta and sambuca syrup, dressed with ice. What else do you need to start dancing?


**source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prosecco
^Cover photo: source