Hello there, In bocca al lupo team invites you to discover if you are a REAL Erasmus student.Read here>>>

  1. Arriving in the new destination  with a  smile, a huge backpack and  a #BucketList #ThingsToDoWhileInErasmus but  still  with no dormitory arranged  / no place where to sleep
  2. Calling your parents the first evening abroad and insisting on “I’m doing perfectly fine, my flat is so cosy” while using the room of random Erasmus student who answered your desperate SOS message on Facebook group
  3. Being in mood of discovering local culture but knowing only 10 basic expressions of the language
  4. Not realizing that Erasmus programme is actully ALSO about studying
  5. Thinking that somebody cheated on you before because you have had no idea how cool  people become after 2 beers. Or 3.
  6. Trying to figure out how to date that cute person as he / she apparently speaks no English and your German / French / Italian reaches its limits at saying “Hi”. You force yourself to improve on body language.
  7. Becoming familiar with all the bars in the city center. Then you becoming an expert with the difference between taste of Lugana and Valpolicella wines (*if u are Erasmus in Italy) to finish with the private map of #BestFiveToGetDrunk
  8. Suddenly having +50 new friends on social media. In less then 5 months.
  9. Being in the moment of crisis as realizing scholarship seems to be enough only for 3 beers per week
  10. Not regretting any second of your life anymore
  11. Having difficulty with memory as it actually got overloaded with the number of endorfins. And  parties. And beers. And new friends on social media.
  12. Falling in love. With culture of course. Or weather. Or food. Or all together.
  13. Getting depressed after going back home and deciding to apply for another Erasmus.

    Zuzia, happy 2nd Erasmus student in Italy