Ladies and gentlemen, this is The day. The day when I have waken up sleepy, I took away my make – up instead of putting it, my  eyes were closing instead of widening, and energy was leaking instead of being pumped into my veins. Have I mentioned that weather decided to go for a strike ? I can assume that universe simply decided to convince us, working people, that sometimes it is really worthy to make a break.

I came up with a great idea to cheat a bit on myself and write down some reasons to be happy, reasons proving that in the end it was just a matter of perspective. I hope you find it useful. I did.

Dear Reader,

it is a letter for you. If you are not okey,  you should know that

  1. Everything is gonna be all right, because if it was really bad, you wouldn’t even make it to think about it
  2. You have this text in front of you. It means you probably have a free access to technology and Internet
  3. Stakes are high you live in a country of no war
  4. Go for a coffee or for a tea. But choose a good one. I’ve followed an advice of one who told me the same. Let me be honest: it was worthy.
  5. If you don’t find a good reason to do so, maybe a pencil in the mouth can help. Yes, a pencil. According to American scientists* our body shapes our way of thinking. Try for one minute.
  6. I have already arrived to sixth point although I had on my mind only two when I was starting to write this text. If I can a make it, you as well!
  7. Buy cardamon and add to your coffee. Magic will happen then.
  8. Go to the cinema, for example to see a new version of cartoon “Beauty and Beast”. Not only two hours of entertainment included, you will also convince yourself (now I’m speaking especially to female readers), that life is not a movie: it’s even better. Women in the past ended up in the street if they didn’t find anybody to marry.
  9. You have found this article. It makes you statistically 5% more happy than everybody else.
  10. I still didnt’ convince you? Well, apparently you are not the perfect target of of this blog. You can continue watching Netflix

    *www web page, I don’t remember which one

    cover ph.:Zuzia