We are all crazy there, in law school.  We never stop talking. We never stop arguing. We cry when we pass, we cry when we don’t pass. We are always busy. We count time in different terms. We change definition of word “impossible” with each +600pages exam. Some of us give up. Some of us remain and get better. We love, hate, and, mostly, we hope. For better moment, for more time, for better coffee, for your family/ boyfriend / girlfriend to be understandable. We hope for more sleep. We hope for end.

Here we are,
law students.

  1. Life is not divided in time for rest and for study. Life is divided in two blocks: coffee block and rehab block
  2. You take an extra job to have some extra  money, as all your savings you spent  on coffee
  3. With the moment you open a book, an automatic procedure starts: checking the list of chapters, number of pages and size of letters. Then you count chapters x pages x letters = xyz hours of reading
  4. You process information anywhere.  On the plane, on the beach, in the wedding party
  5. You improve quickly how to deal with social life.
    If you need to study for two weeks as you are prepaping a Civil Procedure exam, after long and difficult line of defence
    – “I have a hamster that is terminally ill”
    – “I am waiting for plumber ”
    – and etc “I can’t get out of home” excuses
    you prefer simply  not to enter Facebook
  6. You stop having friends not from law school, as the rest of the world really considers you are a nerd as studying for an exam for two weeks.
  7. You discover the golden rule of conversation: when they ask you  “What do you in your free time”, instead of uncomfortable silence, you usually answer “I’m gonna grab a beer”
  8. Your  last five years of memories are easily recalled on the basis of exams (“Ohh, last February, yes, exactly, wonderful winter, I was preparing Labour Law”)
  9. You have improved that when you think you know a lot, chances are you don’t actually, but when you are totally panicked you don’t remember anything the chances are you will pass.
  10. You stop believing in fairytales, instant coffee and having fun while studying.
  11. You know how to count minutes in pages. Or the other way around.
  12. You realize that  if you miss a  deadline, if you don’t pass an  exam, it still does not mean you are worthless. However, as Americans say the shit has to be done. Studying again the same is something you don’t want to repeat.
  13. Yes, there are  webpages with wild nature. Just in case you didn’t go out of library for three weeks.
  14. You start believing that everything in the world has its definition. Once you discover that your friends also discover they always had  one for you: “law student”
  15. Your memory becomes pathologically good, up to the point you become tired with the obvious details of the party that none of your friends remember
  16. You stop carrying a fashionable handbags as your school books are + 600 pages each. Backpacks become your new BFF. (best friend forever)
  17. You don’t understand your family being a bit of  nervous when you use rhetorical argumentation to explain why you can’t clean after dinner
  18. You are the only person that reads everything before signing. Even it is a receipt in supermarket.
  19.  You learn how to read your dreams.
    – if in dream you are dying , it means you just slept too little before an exam,
    – if you are ill it means you are still missing two chapters to read,
    – if you are kissing your professor… Low chances to pass, a kiss of Dementor
  20. Life starts after law school.

and what did you think? Of course I’m law a student.

*cover ph.: Zuzia