How to live with a Polish flatmate and not to die trying. 

Five things you might already know about Zuzanna:

  • She is Polish.
  • She is finishing her Law degree even if she doesn’t like Law.
  • She speaks English, Polish, Italian and a bit of Spanish.
  • She loves reading, writing and photography.
  • She speaks A LOT.

Five things you did not know about Zuzanna:

  • She has a license to ride boats.
  • She lived for three months in Marbella (Spain).
  • She loves stoicism philosophy.
  • She is able to eat the whole pack of gorgonzola at once.
  • She suffers from headaches if she wakes up later than 9.30 AM.

Five things you should know if you are gonna live with Zuzanna:

  • She has more books than pieces of clothes.
  • She does not like cooking.
  • She does like eating.
  • She will wake you up with a loud “BUONGIORNO PRINCIPESSA” everyday.
  • She doesn’t like buying lots of stuff when doing the groceries, even if that means going more often to the supermarket.

Five jobs Zuza has had:

  • Babysitter
  • Dogsitter
  • English private lessons
  • Translator in a tourist company.
  • Assistance at a rowing competition.

Five random things about Zuzanna:

  • Favorite food: patatine frite.
  • Favorite drink: coffee.
  • Best quality: you don’t need to have a radio when living with her. She has 24/7 conversation topic.
  • Worst defect: she prefers Hercules Poirot to Sherlock Holmes.
  • Her most common quote: “You know? I was reading before, this blog post in which…”