We have already talked about not-well-known things that Italians have but… what happens with the things that most people normally know? Are the Italian stereotypes true? Let’s revise the ones that are 100% loyal to the reality.

GESTURES. 2 minutes. This is the conversation time that you need to have with an Italian in order to realize that the strange movements of their hands are actually part of the message. When your Italian friend believed for one week that the landlord of your house had passed away because you did IDontReallyKnowWhat with your right hand while talking about her, you understand that you need to start learning gestures.

PASTA. The different options for the first dish of ABSOLUTELY ALL the University menus EVERYDAY is ALWAYS pasta. When asked about this issue (“Guys, do you always have pasta as a first dish?”) Italians would ask you to repeat the question. First dish is for them a synonym of pasta.

PIZZA. Real evidence of the existence of God.

COFFEE. 5. It is the average of coffees than a standard Italian will take per day. But not only them: living in Italy will develop a strong and real addition to caffeine, no matter your nationality. When you discover that your Polish flat-mate went to the neighbors’ house asking for coffee because we had run out of it, you know it is time to call a psychologist and enroll her in the “Coffeineholics Anonymous” therapy.

ICE-CREAMS. Absolutely, undeniable and irrefutable evidence of the existence of God.

“LA MAMMA ITALIANA”. The relationship between the mother and her male-sons is so… let’s say… “close” that one might even think it is kinda pathological. Sigmund Freud got probably inspired in here for his theories.

TRAFFIC ANGER. Dear all Italians: let’s try something. Before taking the car let’s take five looong and deep breaths and remind that life is wonderful, birds are signing, humans love each other and there is no reason to shout, honk nor curse every fucking five seconds to absolutely each fucking human being you see while driving, you bastards. Thank you.

FASHION. Let’s face it: Italians do know how to dress well. Become friends with Italians (no matter if they are men or women) and you will feel inside of a Vogue Magazine.

“LATIN LOVERS”. When you thought that Spaniards were unique at insisting in clubs, Italians guys arrived. It does not matter if you are lesbian, have a boyfriend or you simply don’t want to, when the Italianpredator attacks, there is not possible escape: their “belliiiisssima” will follow you until the end of the world. It will be more annoying than scaring mosquitoes away. (Read also: +10 reasons why not to date Italians)

EXPERTS IN “COUNTRY-MARKETING”. Italians know how to sell their country. Before you realize, they would have already convince you that their “pomodori” are the best, that their seas are the bluest or that the sweet you just tried is the most delicate and tasty cake that was ever made in the History of Humanity (even if it was just bought at the supermarket #TrueStory)