Have you ever heard the stereotypes about Italians? I am sure you did. There are couple of them that talk about food or the way they behave when they go out with friends.

We have also discovered that they go to school on Saturdays which made us consider quicker return to our homeland. We have never suspected though that some facts so surrounded by fame and consider dating are actually not that far from truth. Italian lover, Latino lover, Casanova. Do that names bring a bell? No? We know they do. If you’ve ever lived in country of Dante, you will definitely recognize them.  Ladies and gentlemen,  we are happy to share with you more than ten reasons why not to date Italians

  1. fact 1. Date means evening hours.
    fact 2. Evening means dinner.
    conclusion: Date will always consist of eating. So, if you look for a romantic walk, a cosy cinema production or 50 km tour in bike, it’s better to search in a different country.
  2. Book a table for three: the date will always include you, him and his ego
  3. Another advice I’d almost forget: you should love dogs.
  4. Just to let you know: watch out for your comfort zone.  Italian guy will move in there before you can realize.
  5. If you go out to  throw rubbish and you want to remain unnoticed, it’s highly recommendable to put  clothes of your flatmate: he might be passing by accident  in his car next to your house with an explanation “I was taking my granny to the dentist”. Without the granny inside.
  6. Italian speed of dating vs. the rest of the world
  • Day 1. “Ti voglio bene” (ang. I really like you)
  • Day 2.  “Ho pensato di trasferirmi nel tuo paese” (ang. I was wondering to move into your country)
  • Day 3.  “Quanti figli avremo?”. (ang. How many kids are we going to have?)
  1. Seventeen “amore mio” messages per day
  2. You are interrogated with the proper use of Whatsapp. If he doesn’t see you there, he  enters quickly a car to check if you are still alive.
  3. Whatever will be the  place Italian chooses for a date,  it is undeniably going to be “the most amazing, marvellous,  best Italian cusine restaurant in Italy”.
    Pedrocchi cafe’, Padua
  4. His dictionary does not include “I need some space” expression
  5. You need to become a ninja. He will try to kiss you faster than you are able to say Chuck Norris.
  6. Dont’ ask him what congiuntivo* is. He is Italian. He knows how to use it. He does not need to know it exists.
  7. Your reality.
    Date 1.
    – So, where are we meeting?
    – How about place X?
    – Sure, why notDate 2.
    –  Any idea where to meet?
    – How about the one of the other day? It was cool, right?
    – Well…Date 3.
    – So, I guess we are meeting in our place?
    – Yes, it was pretty good, wasn’t it?

    Date 5. Exchanging phone numbers with the waiter.