All truth about sharing flat with a Spaniard


5 things everybody knows about Inés

  • She is from Madrid that, according to her, is the most wonderful and amazing city she lived
  • It’s not an overstimation to say that she is an extremely self-  confindent person
  • She tries to hug every human being that is alive. She is successful. Mostly.
  • She is a neuroscientist.
  • She smiles more than 80 % of people in her environment

    5 things you might know about Inés

  • She is an avid and devoted reader of “Little Prince”
  • She claims to be an active feminist
  • She has a particular love for sweets. Chocolate takes the pole position.
  • She is incapable of being angry at people for longer than 20 seconds
  • She wears a symbol of her passion on the neck and, I’ll give you a hint, it’s not a tree

    5 things that make you believe Inés is not an average human being

  • She believes each person is like an island. She likes exploring if she finds person interesting.
  • She proved to be a nerd. She contacts with her friends by a Morse alphabet
  • Her favourite Italian dish is  pizza, pasta, cappucino, but … riso with funghi (rice with mushrooms). She even learned how to cook it.
  • The process of waking up takes her from 1 to 3 hours with typical “Buongiorno” when it arrives. Usually around lunchtime.
  • She expresses wide range of emotions by a phrase “No fucking way”.