What do a Spanish Neuroscientist researcher (ish) and a Polish Law student have in common?

  • They both would spend all their money on travelling, if possible.
  • They both are terrible at saying no.
  • They both care about cleaness at the same level and, because of this, they can live together.
  • They both try to follow Sherlock Holmes mentality but then make mistakes while buying train tickets and toilet paper.
  • They both talk that much that they even do it while sleeping.
  • They both gets stressed easily.
  • They don’t see any problems in combining chicken and pasta.
  • They both love Isabel Allende (“La casa de los espíritus”) and photography.

But, above all, that they found each other when they were inside the ‘bocca al lupo’. And that’s pretty enough to start a blog. Or at least trying.