In Bocca al Lupo

How to live in Italy and not die trying



Porannik #7

Wstaję. Ociężałe ciało wlocze się do łazienki, której niebieskie płytki przypominają zeszłoroczne wakacje nad Bałtykiem. Ramię mam zdrętwiałe, pewnie znowu spałam na boku. Continue reading “Porannik #7”


Ines vs. Zuzia #3

“You don’t inspire me anymore”


You don’t inspire me anymore.  Yes, exactly, you’ve understood correctly.  

The sudden pain in my chest was, to my shock, quite paralyzing. Hmmmm, the reaction is stronger than I expected, it occured to me. The surprise on the face, the smile that got shadowed. How was it? It was hard, it still cost me some pain but the effect was the one I wanted. I had to be honest. After all, after such a disaster I evoked,  what else could I do? Suicide? I am not that melodramatical. And I still have some things to do in here.  
Her facial expression… When she realized that I cheated on her, she started to cry . She was brave, I must admit. She was desperately trying to pretend her cry was a mere sobbing.  Long term friendship we ‘ve built  like a foreign language let me understand perfecty what she was going through. I took a breath and while  grabbing my things I took a last glance of that blonde girl with whom I shared literally everything. Maybe that’s what has led us to the end. We had too much in common. Even him. Continue reading “Ines vs. Zuzia #3”

Streetcable called Expectation (ENG)

Gosh, it’s extremely cold in this jacket, she thought. She was standing at the platform, waiting for the tram number eight. She wasn’t sure if there was about to arrive either that cutting-edge one or an old, about-to-die „bimba”[1] . She was not  sure about anything that day. Continue reading “Streetcable called Expectation (ENG)”

Ines vs. Zuzia #2


“Un doppio espresso per me, per favore”.


– Un doppio espresso per me, per favore.

It is said that smells are able to bring out memories.

When living a moment, smells are usually attributed a secondary role of the scene; something that, despite its permanent presence, is purely decorative, a trivial element, an insignificant factor, something that belongs to the scene as a simple part of the context. However, when time passes, a brief odor is enough to make us travel to the past.

Continue reading “Ines vs. Zuzia #2”

10 powodów by być szczęśliwym (PL)

Proszę państwa o to dzień. Dzień, w którym obudziłam się zmęczona, zmywałam makijaż zamiast go nakładać, Continue reading “10 powodów by być szczęśliwym (PL)”

Inés vs. Zuzia #1

Hello, here Zuzia and Inés, we are excited to share with something new. Having already had our portion of caffeine, Continue reading “Inés vs. Zuzia #1”

Tramwaj zwany oczekiwaniem (PL)

Piekielnie zimno mi w tej kurtce, pomyślała. Stała na przystanku w oczekiwaniu na tramwaj numer osiem. Continue reading “Tramwaj zwany oczekiwaniem (PL)”

#6 Porannik

Elbert Hubbard

Przyjaciel to człowiek, który wie wszystko o tobie i wciąż cię lubi.

Continue reading “#6 Porannik”

Are you sure you know? (EN)

We know so many things about life. Continue reading “Are you sure you know? (EN)”

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