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How to live in Italy and not die trying



Traveler’s diary

Padwa. Włochy. Padua, Italy. Padova, Italia. It was a random choice.

Things I knew about Padua before my arrival: it is located in Italy.  The university is famous. They offer a scholarship for 10 months. It is next to Venice. Continue reading “Traveler’s diary”


Inés. For you.

The story about magic endeavours that have happened in the city next to Venice.
Continue reading “Inés. For you.”

+10 reasons why not to date Italians

Have you ever heard the stereotypes about Italians? I am sure you did. There are couple of them that talk about food or the way they behave when they go out with friends.

Continue reading “+10 reasons why not to date Italians”

20 things you learn at law school

We are all crazy there, in law school.  We never stop talking. We never stop arguing. We cry when we pass, we cry when we don’t pass. We are always busy. We count time in different terms. We change definition of word “impossible” with each +600pages exam. Continue reading “20 things you learn at law school”

10 reasons to be happy (ENG)

Ladies and gentlemen, this is The day. Continue reading “10 reasons to be happy (ENG)”

+10 things Erasmus students have in common

Hello there, In bocca al lupo team invites you to discover if you are a REAL Erasmus student.Read here>>>

Continue reading “+10 things Erasmus students have in common”

Carnevale di Venezia. Photostory.

Once upon a time, there was a magic land where ….
people had to wear masks to be themselves
channels filled with water worked as roads
sth extraordinary was happening every February … Continue reading “Carnevale di Venezia. Photostory.”

+10 reasons that Erasmus will ruin your life (EN)

It is widely and commonly known that Erasmus is a sort of experience that not every student is able to stand up for. We’ve heard some mysterious stories (written in secret student diaries or, more probably, told after three glasses of wine at the parties)  that describe life of Students Who Were Going Back Home without a penny in their pockets, with a  lost pair of shoes and head full of memories that could beat „The Hangover”. Continue reading “+10 reasons that Erasmus will ruin your life (EN)”

+10 powodów, że Erasmus zrujnuje Ci życie (PL)

Nie od dawna wiadomo, że Erasmus to jest wyznanie, jakiemu nie są w stanie stawić czoła wszyscy. Już nie jeden student wracał na łono rodziny z dziurawymi skarpetkami, bez grosza przy duszy i wspomnieniami, które przebiją “Kac Vegas”. Rodzina Cię nie rozumie, przyjaciele pozostali w kraju myślą, że o nich zapomniałeś, babcia pyta, czy nie brak ci rosołu, a ty się drapiesz po głowie w poszukiwaniu ostatnich miesięcy życia.  Panie i Panowie, oto więcej niż dziesięć powodów, dla których nie warto wyjeżdżać na Erasmusa.  Continue reading “+10 powodów, że Erasmus zrujnuje Ci życie (PL)”

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