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How to live in Italy and not die trying




There has been a theory that perfection does not exist:

we live every day life, we look for happiness but often remain with a feeling that something is missing. Does it happen to any of you? It might be frustrating as there is an effort, a try, an effort, and … a failure so many times, as we strive to be happy. We are hardly pleased. Wondering why ? Mastery is reaching, not arriving, according to somebody smart enough to say so. Continue reading “Friendzone”


Fausto, vivid Art in the heart of Rome.

Fausto is 72 years old.

He wears dark trousers and a striped shirt, and he adjusts a red cup of Coke on his head that he removes when he is in front of a camera. Continue reading “Fausto, vivid Art in the heart of Rome.”

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