In Bocca al Lupo

How to live in Italy and not die trying

In Bocca al Lupo … why we are here (EN/ SP)

Living abroad implies  going out of your confort zone.

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There has been a theory that perfection does not exist:

we live every day life, we look for happiness but often remain with a feeling that something is missing. Does it happen to any of you? It might be frustrating as there is an effort, a try, an effort, and … a failure so many times, as we strive to be happy. We are hardly pleased. Wondering why ? Mastery is reaching, not arriving, according to somebody smart enough to say so. Continue reading “Friendzone”

First of August

-Susana? …. Susana?

– Oui, Monsieur ?

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Traveler’s diary

Padwa. Włochy. Padua, Italy. Padova, Italia. It was a random choice.

Things I knew about Padua before my arrival: it is located in Italy.  The university is famous. They offer a scholarship for 10 months. It is next to Venice. Continue reading “Traveler’s diary”

Spanish flatmate in a nutshell

All truth about sharing flat with a Spaniard

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Porannik #7

Wstaję. Ociężałe ciało wlocze się do łazienki, której niebieskie płytki przypominają zeszłoroczne wakacje nad Bałtykiem. Ramię mam zdrętwiałe, pewnie znowu spałam na boku. Continue reading “Porannik #7”

Inés. For you.

The story about magic endeavours that have happened in the city next to Venice.
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+10 reasons why not to date Italians

Have you ever heard the stereotypes about Italians? I am sure you did. There are couple of them that talk about food or the way they behave when they go out with friends.

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How to live with a Polish flatmate and not to die trying.  Continue reading “5 THINGS ABOUT ZUZANNA (EN)”


We have already talked about not-well-known things that Italians have but… what happens with the things that most people normally know? Are the Italian stereotypes true? Let’s revise the ones that are 100% loyal to the reality.
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